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I’m Edward Klink and I’m passionate about marketing, innovation, and success and I write about it here. I’d like to know what you’re working on so feel free to reach out and connect. Thanks for visiting.

About me

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A dog’s life

A pet dog is an eternal optimist. He’ll check his bowl several times during the day, looking to see if bacon, liverwurst or some other tasty treat has appeared. The bowl itself represents limitless potential. Just wait long enough and somebody will put something in...

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What if?

What if you lost all of your money in a Wall Street crash? What might you do? Jump out the window? Some people take that route. Drink? There’s always an available bar stool. Try your luck on Broadway? Now that’s crazy talk. Except it wasn’t for a guy named Yip...

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Revive a Reading Regimen!

These days, even with a Kindle, it can be tough to find time to read. You’ve got mind-numbing games and endless apps on your smartphone, hundreds of channels of reality shows on your FiOS, and all of those superhero movies downloaded on your tablet. But if wedging...

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The Power of the Plan

Plan “A:” You can do something you might dislike (deal with angry customers) and get paid. Plan “B:” You can do something you enjoy (watch movies) without getting paid at all. You can do “A” as long as you can put up with your circumstances and you need the money. You...

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Why blog?

There’s an old Latin saying, “Qui docet, discit.” (He who teaches, learns.) The best teachers don’t preach to others, they learn from others. You don’t need to wait until you have a teaching certificate, a particular degree, enough gray hair, or a 100k followers to...

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