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I’m Edward Klink and I’m passionate about marketing, innovation, and success and I write about it here. I’d like to know what you’re working on so feel free to reach out and connect. Thanks for visiting.

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How to climb out of a hole

Feelin’ the blues? Let this tale of rock n’ roll resurgence revive your spirit. In 1990 Alice in Chains burst onto the music scene with their dark, grunge sound and the unique harmonizing style of guitarist Jerry Cantrell and lead vocalist Layne Staley. By 1996 the...

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Managing dual personal brands

Many of us know the importance of maintaining our own personal brands. From Twitter and Facebook, to business cards and personal brochures, we’ve heard the message.  Determine your brand—and own the space—as business today is all about niche marketing. But what...

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Rough seas? Keep your head above water

A guy I know told me how tough it is for him to accept that his house is worth less than what he paid for it. It hurts him to write that fat mortgage check each month. His wife just had another baby, and his future with his current employer appears dim. “I’m almost...

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